6 Common Kymco UXV 700i Problems With Solutions & Customer Reviews

A UTV can be a great addition to your offroading trips. It depends on what model you are using for this purpose. Some UTVs are not for offroading. Some are good at roaming.

So you need to be careful while choosing a perfect UTV for offroading adventures. In the same aspect, we have Kymco UXV 700i to discuss. It’s a good deal for you to handle offroading trails with fun and ease.

There is a dark side to everything. UXV 700i from Kymco has its downsides as well. Some factors that can influence your UXV 700i are not taking care of it properly. A lack of driving skills can create problems too.

However, there are some issues from the UXV’s end. We are going to have a look at major Kymco UXV 700i problems in this post.

So this post will talk to you about all the issues that come with Kymco UXV 700i.

The common Kymco UXV 700i problems are:

  • Poor Battery Performance
  • Engine Is Faulty
  • Spark Plug Is Inaccurate
  • Transmission Works Peculiarly
  • Suspension Is Problematic
  • Carburetor Is Troublesome

We are going to have a detailed discussion of these problems. Don’t worry, you can solve these issues with authentic information and guidance.

1. Poor Battery Performance

The battery of UXV 700i is a robust one. However, it can act up in certain circumstances. The battery failure can be due to endless hitches. Leaving your offroading trips destroyed.

Owing to a dead battery. Your engine would fail to start as well. Insufficient battery charging can also be the reason. Terminals and their bad condition can impact the battery in a negative way.

You can easily fix major battery issues with possible fixes.


Immediate replacement is a viable solution. Also if the terminals have gone bad. Then properly lubricating them would help a lot.

2. Engine Is Faulty

The issues with the UXV 700i engine are common. Sometimes the fuel injector can be clogged with sludge or gunk. Leading to a bad engine. If you haven’t filled the fuel tank. This can result in the same problem.

Plugs and ignition coils can undergo damage leading to an irksome engine during your trips. If the crankshaft is faulty. The engine won’t work at its normal.

Overheating results due to inadequate levels of coolant. If the radiator cap is destroyed or the motor-driven fan is defective. Then engine problems are obvious with your UXV.


Replace the damaged and broken components in this situation. Fill up the coolant completely. Also reposition and fasten the radiator cap to resolve this issue.

3. Spark Plug Is Inaccurate

There are some situations in which the spark plug can function abnormally. There is a ceramic insulator and a central electrode with a spark plug. These components can get concealed with coolant material or a lubricant.

As a result, the spark plug will lose its performance. So we call it a ‘foul’. As the by-products of the combustion process. The hydrocarbons get accumulated in these parts of the spark plug.

A thick layer of carbon can also be seen on the spark plug. Leading to the defective spark plug and poor performance.


Replace the spark plug in case of extreme damage. Clean and remove the oily layer from the spark plug’s components to maintain its performance.

kymco uxv 700i photo 2

4.  Transmission Works Peculiarly

The two major gears that control the transmission of your vehicle are the snorkel and pinion. Issues with these gears can result in peculiar transmission. In particular, the gear meshing gets impacted in a destructive manner.

The spiral forms present in the reverse gear would also fail to perform their role. The issues with the transmission can be increased due to poor housing around the gear.

The snorkel and pinion gear cannot let out enough heat. The excessive heat can maximize the damage further.


Take help from a mechanic and replace the snorkel and pinion gears as soon as possible. Check other components of the gears if they are in a good shape or not.

5.   Suspension Is Problematic

When you ride this model. You might have struggled with its suspension quite often. The role of suspension is to provide your vehicle stability during uneven offroading terrains.

Also, the suspension maintains the wheels for persistent connection to the terrain. Suspension problems need proper rectification at the right time. Sometimes the brakes and shock absorbers can become defective.

Leading to a problematic suspension.


The tires have to be in perfect alignment. Proper inspection of the tires would be helpful to address this issue.

6. Carburetor Is Troublesome

There can be technical defects with the carburetor. Sometimes the carburetor supplies extra gas to the engine. There can be different culprits for this problem. The choke and needle valves can be undergoing leakage.

Also, the float can be the root cause. If the carburetor has huge jets and is not positioned well. It will give extra gasoline into the combustion chamber. This leads to wet fouling since the ignition is not working normally.

Less engine compression can also cause misfiring. Misfiring of the engine can result in the ruined coil boot and plug wire.


Change the plug wires and all the components if necessary. In case you are stuck somewhere then seek professional help as soon as possible.

More Issues With Kymco UXV 700i

By far you know about all the possible issues of this model. However, there are some more problems that we have picked from the reports of the owners. The brakes of UXV 700i can fail spontaneously.

It mostly occurs due to insufficient brake oil. Also if the braking system has some internal defects. The brakes can refuse to respond at all. The clippers and the disc brake plate can get loosened due to frequent riding.

The gearbox can produce loud noises. The lack of power generation can be due to the slippage of the CVT transmission.


Replace the brakes and fill up the brake oil immediately. Change the gearbox to address the noise production. The parking brake might also need mechanical assistance in case the belt and clutch are damaged.

KYMCO UXV 700i: Customer Reviews

In this section, we give you honest reviews from previous users of Kymco UXV 700i. So that you can sketch out the outline for its pros and cons in your mind from the experience of others.

Let’s face this! Your UXV cannot survive without proper maintenance. Servicing can help narrow down several issues – most of them which we have mentioned earlier in this post.

Some users believe that the company has executed some visible improvements on this model. The engine along with the acceleration is impressive. With all the passenger load. The acceleration works at its best.

The users did not have to struggle with the demanding offroading terrains as well. The acceleration on steeper terrains is also efficient.

Some users prefer Kymco over huge automobile brands. Since the company stood its ground in terms of the quality and performance of its products. The users find Kymco products really fascinating.

After evaluating the reviews from the owners, we come to the conclusion that servicing is the key to keeping your UXV 700i intact. There have been several issues that got addressed with standard and affordable mechanical services.

So in case, you haven’t taken your UXV to the mechanic in a while. It’s time to do it now!


How much top speed does the Kymco UXV 700i offer?

The engine of the UXV 700i gives you persistent 45HP. However, the top speed of the vehicle increases to 90km/h on gravel tracks. You can also face the hilly terrains with confidence due to its impressive power generation and top speed. The pace of the vehicle normally changes as per the offroading terrain.

Who is the producer of Kymco UTVs?

Kymco is based in Taiwan. Formerly, Kymco had been hired by Honda as its producer. The job of Kymco was to produce components for Honda. However, after some time Kymco started to produce its own vehicles for offroading hauls as well. Its famous side-by-side vehicles need no introduction.

Is Kymco truly reliable?

Kymco is notable for its reliability. Kymco has a huge consumer base in different regions of the world. Spain, Italy, and America are among the biggest sites where Kymco’s scooters have served the owners well.

In A Nutshell

Kymco has invested all the resources to develop spectacular UTVs for the customers. The UTVs are tough and overcome all the challenges of offroading terrains.

The products of Kymco are true in durability and performance. These adapt well to the demands of offroading. Offer the utmost support to the drivers. Just like Kymco UXV700i. However, it’s important to not ignore the drawbacks of this model.

We have tried to give you a clear idea about the Kymco UXV 700i problems. So that you can confidently bring this model into use. Also if you have been struggling with the abovementioned problems already. Then you can implement our given fixes to narrow down these problems effectively.

To stick to the general tips, Offroadcare suggests you never compromise on the servicing of your vehicle. Keep a regular check on its components. Engine, brakes, transmission, and suspension can be kept intact with proper care and problem-solving tactics.

Kick out these problems and boost your enthusiasm with the Kymco UXV 700i!!!

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