10 Most Common Kawasaki Mule SX Problems With Solutions

Kawasaki mule SX is a beast that tackles the offroading challenges quite impressively. Mules are multifunctional. Famous for their featherweight configuration. Kawasaki mules have been in action for many years.

All in all, mule SX is a fantastic choice to make for offroading tasks.Typical Kawasaki Mule SX Problems That Can Disrupt Your Offroading Adventures!

Kawasaki mule SX is remarkable for its performance on different offroading terrains. It’s full of style. Completely rugged and provides you with the utmost comfort. However, you should not ignore its major shortcomings.

The common Kawasaki Mule SX Problemsare:

  • Ignition Problem
  • Engine Misfires
  • Engine Idles
  • Oil Filter Cap Comes Off
  • Engine Overheats
  • Noise Production
  • Dysfunctional Gear
  • Insufficient Power Generation
  • No Or Defective Side Mirrors
  • Electrical Faults

We are going to have a detailed discussion of these problems. Don’t worry, you can solve these issues with authentic information and guidance.

Kawasaki Mule SX Problems

As we are about to start the shortcomings of this model. You must know that these issues are not new to the mule SX. Such issues arise when you have been using the mule SX for a long period of time.

However, Offroadcares is not going to scare you by showing you all the problems. Instead, you will find relevant easy solutions to each problem mentioned below.

So let’s started with this without any delay!

1. Ignition Problem

Your Kawasaki mule SX can undergo ignition problems easily. There have been some users that tell us their mule SX faced the same issue oftentimes. Regardless, you have filled the fuel tank lately. The engine can still refuse to start.

Now, this is a typical issue with different Kawasaki UTVs for offroading.


Make sure you have checked the battery of your mule SX. Sometimes the spark plug needs quick replacement that will address this problem. Also have a look at the carburetor, starting fluid, and fuel pump. Still, if the problem does not narrow down. Consult a good mechanic.

KAWASAKI MULE SX Ignition Problem photo
source: ttmotor

2.   Engine Misfires

Sometimes the mule SX can also overconsume fuel. Generates less power and produces vibration of knocking sound. This situation occurs due to the engine’s misfiring. If your spark plug is damaged or the vacuum is defective.

The engine would misfire frequently. Let’s see how we can solve the misfiring problem!

engine KAWASAKI MULE SX photo
source: usedcarsni


First off stop driving the mule SX if you notice any of the abovementioned problems. Park it in a safe place. Check the engine for damage and if it’s damaged then replace it immediately. Replace the spark plugs as well if they have been corroded. Clean the UTV’s components in different intervals to avoid dirt buildup.

3. Engine Idles

Engine idling is another typical problem with the mule SX. However, little idling is important for your mule SX for normal ignition. Idling your engine particularly helps in cold temperatures when the engine is prone to abrasive damage.

Sometimes the throttle gets clogged with carbon that damages the idling of your mule SX. However, it’s fixable with some techniques that you can execute on your own.


Clean and maintain the oil filter and throttle if you notice the engine idling. The mule SX in warranty would cost you nothing to get these two important components cleaned. So cleaning is the possible solution to narrow the problematic idling.

4. Oil Filter Cap Comes Off

The oil present in the oil filter can mess up all the surrounding components if the cap of the oil filter comes off. It also keeps getting accumulated around the oil filter. Making everything sticky and difficult for the removal.

Sometimes there is a buildup of moisture that adheres to the engine. The load of the buildup would exert pressure on the valve that will remove the cap and the oil will come out of it. This problem occurs spontaneously. So it’s better for you to know how to solve this.


You don’t have to pay for the repair cost if your mule SX is under warranty. However, you only have to clean it and you can do it on your own. Once the buildup is removed. There will be no pressure on the valve and the oil filter. Thus your mule SX would function normally with a maintained shape as well.

5. Engine Overheats

Since all the offroading UTVs like mule SX have to perform on a rugged nature. Such vehicles often undergo overheating problems. Especially their engines get overheated due to extra load and pressure.

If ignored, this problem leads to heat emissions coming from the seats and other parts of the mule SX. Overheating is also problematic in hot temperatures.


When your radiator is blocked. It overheats the engine. So make sure that you have properly cleaned the radiator to avoid this problem. Using heat absorbent covering for the seats would also be helpful to cater to this issue.

6. Noise Production

Offroading UTVs always produce a loud noise in normal circumstances. However, sometimes you would notice peculiar noise coming from the vehicle. If this happens then you need to narrow down the issue.

The concerned area that might need your attention can be the belt box of the seats. Let’s have a look at the viable solutions for reducing the loud noise of mule SX.


Check and replace the seat belt box to avoid this problem. Also, have an eye on the performance of your mule SX. If you notice this problem again. Take your ride to a seasoned mechanic as soon as possible.

7. Dysfunctional Gear

The problematic gear can also make your mule SX lose its performance. Faulty gear shifting can hold the gear back from responding to different manual commands.

Sometimes the clutch can be the main culprit behind this problem. If the gear has been jammed then you need some quick fixes to alleviate this problem. This directly impacts the braking system of your vehicle as well.


A problematic gear shifting is due to a manufacturing defect from the company’s end. However, as a solution, you need to step on the accelerator while using the gear. This is a failproof fix for this problem and serves well in the long run.

8. Insufficient Power Generation

Frequent utilization of mule SX eventually reduces its power range. Thus insufficient power generation leads to several problems while offroading.

Sometimes the fuel lines of the fuel system can get blocked due to the buildup of sludge and gunk. This mostly occurs when you have been offroading on hilly terrains.


Always maintain the oil filter and the fuel pump of your mule SX. Make sure you are using premium oil for your ride. Since cheap oils can reduce the efficiency of mule SX. In case of extreme damage, you need to replace the oil filter.

9. No Or Defective Side Mirrors

There have been some mule SEX models that had no side mirrors. Some of the models had faulty side mirrors as well. Both these scenarios are typical for mule SX drivers.

The side mirrors are for the driver’s safety when they are on a move. Side mirrors also help when overtaking is important.


Don’t delay and get your side mirrors installed by using the help of a good mechanic. The side mirrors installation is not an expensive one since you can choose any affordable pair of side mirrors for your mule SX. Also if your side mirrors are damaged or broken then replacement is a viable option.

10. Electrical Faults

Your mule SX can also struggle with the electrical wiring and connections. This mostly occurs when the engine is defective or the battery has been dead. You can detect this problem when there are no dashboard lights and the display is not working fine as well.

In most cases, the battery is the main reason behind the electrical issues of mule SX.


Change and replace your battery. Make sure the connections and wiring are in an optimal state. Remove the corroded wires and clean the battery terminals if needed. If you are unaware of the electrical issues then go with what your mechanic suggests in this case.


Is buying Kawasaki Mule SX a good decision?

Yes. Kawasaki Mule SX is a good and reliable choice to purchase. The driving style of the UTV is also impressive. The entire mule lineup has some outstanding features that serve you well when offroading and during rugged activities.

What is the top speed of the Kawasaki Mule SX?

25 mph is the top speed of a mule SX. It’s much faster than its competitors and does not let you down when you want to throttle the pace. The speed is well enough to meet far-fetched miles.

What is the transmission of the Kawaski Mule SX?

The engine of mule SX is a 617cc V-twin that works with the CVT transmission. The transmission offers different ranges from high to low. The transmission is also noiseless and mules SX is an impressive gas-driven offroading vehicle for offroading enthusiasts.

Closing Remarks

Offroadcare has described all the reported Kawasaki Mule SX problems for you in this discussion. You can follow our recommended solutions if you are facing any of these issues with your mule SX. However, the vehicle is a splendid UTV. You can maintain it to keep these problems at bay. So that you can take the full joy of offroading hauls with mule SX fearlessly.

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