Tips Expert: Addressing 6 Common Hisun 500 UTV Issues

Hisun has been in the sector for many years. The company has launched its ATVs, and dirt bikes not only in China. But it has an impressive consumer base around the world.

This post talk about some important Hisun 500 UTV problems that you need to know. Plus, you will get to know about the fixes as well.

The industry is growing at a fast pace. Competition is getting enormously high. On this note, you must know about the drawbacks of the Hisun 500 UTV. So that you can seek timely assistance to settle these problems.

Let’s get into these problems right now!!!

Common Downsides of the Hisun 500 UTV:

Being an owner, you might have faced these issues already. But if not then it’s the right time to explore deeper about them.

1.  Poor Air Filters

It’s basic to detect the faults with the air filtration. However, the air filters of your UTV are something you cannot afford to ignore. Oxygen deprivation would resist your engine to start properly.

The oxygen and the fuel come together in the combustion chamber to perform this job. Worn-out air filters would also contribute to poor air filtering. The exhaust system can undergo damage as well.

Be it UTVs or ATVs these vehicles need a constant oxygen supply for function. If the exhaust has some blockages, it won’t be able to throw the air out. The most common blockages are due to gunk and dirt.

Solution: Replace the exhaust system and the air filter with suitable ones. Keep the exhaust free of clogs and blockages by frequent cleaning.

2.  Strained Engine

One of the important jobs of the engine is to take the gasoline into the cylinder. It helps the engine keep working even if it’s getting short of compression. In this case, loose engine parts can put it at extreme risk.

Sometimes compression gets short for the engine. It puts a strain on the engine when it runs. Two major reasons can be the defective piston rings and leaky gasket. The dirt buildup would ruin the internal area of the cylinder.

Solution: The engine parts that are loose must be fastened immediately.  The leak-down test is a recommended solution to rectify this problem. It will tell you the status of compression as well.

3.  Faulty Spark Plugs

Spar plugs are important for the fine performance of the engine. These would give a quick spark to the engine to start running. If the spark plugs are faulty, these won’t render sufficient spark to the engine.

This problem will also not burn the gasoline and give the engine a requisite thrust. In this case, spark plug replacement would be the solution. These are not expensive.

Solution: Rejoin the spark plug with its wire instead of the engine by removing it. Now position the spark plug to see its performance after replacement. The spark plugs with proper gaps are beneficial to solve this problem.

Hisun 500 UTV photo 2

4. Damaged Carburetor

Interruption with the gasoline path can be due to a damaged carburetor. It will not supply the gasoline to the system in a proper way. In this case, either the gasoline pump is the main reason or the carburetor is acting up.

If there is something fishy with your fuel pump. Then the diaphragms present in the pump might be clogged. This also stops the gasoline to reach the engine.

This is another typical problem with the Hisun 500 UTV. Many owners have faced the issue over the years.

Let’s see what can be its solution!

Solution: First, detach the fuel line from the carburetor and injectors. This will help you in detecting the issues with the gas flow. Place the fuel line over the containers to analyze the flow of gas on a deeper level. If there is a restriction to the gas flow then you need to do some measures. Blow the blockages from the fuel line. Also, make sure that you check the filter along with the fuel pump. If there is no restriction to the gas flow.

In this case, your carburetor and injectors need a quick replacement and mechanical help. It’s better to replace the needle valve and seat if the carburetor is completely ruined. Spark plugs might lose their lubrication due to frequent usage. Make sure to lubricate them often.

5. Battery Problems

There is no doubt that the battery can undergo defects as well. It mostly occurs due to electrical faults in the wiring of the battery. However, this is not something that you would need a mechanic for.

Instead, you can narrow down this problem on your own. If you don’t detect any problems with the battery. Then it’s the electrical issue. Either wiring or battery terminals need a check-up.

Solution: Battery replacement is the first viable solution. However, it’s better to check the battery voltage with a multimeter before replacing the battery. If the voltage is 12V then everything is fine. If the voltage is less than 12V, then it’s time you make a quick battery replacement.

6.  Other Issues

These are some additional issues. You can alleviate them with simple troubleshooting. No need to invest in huge labor costs. Brake failure is also a Hisun 500 UTV problem.

Lack of brake oil and air ventilation to the brakes can be the reasons. Loosened disc brake plates and clippers also come under this group of problems. The gears need an immediate replacement if you hear any noise coming from the gearbox.

Not enough power to your UTV tells you that the transmission belt and clutch have undergone damage. It mostly happens due to the faults of the parking brake.

Hisun 500 UTV: Customer Feedback

The model has been an outstanding product from the company.  It has offered splendid offroading hauls to the users. It’s among the widely celebrated UTVs from Hisun. There are different encouraging reviews from the users.

However, some complainees do consider its downsides that we have mentioned earlier. One commonly reported issue is transmission. It won’t be going well with the gear system.

Owners have reported that the transmission comes out of the gear when they use 2WD mode while driving. Some starter problems were also on the list of complaints.

Some people also ruined the pull coil during the rectification of the starter. There have been some cases when the gas pedal would produce terrible noises. The exhaust would also produce a peculiar smell.

However, despite these issues, people love Hisun 500 UTV. It’s their best ride to enjoy the offroading and safari adventures by all means possible.


Does Hisun work the same as Coleman?

Hisun has been a former producer of Coleman Outfitter 500 UTV. The company has also given another remarkable variant to the world. Coleman Outfitter 750 also comes from Hisun. Not only these beasts, but the company has also produced a wide range of dirt UTVs. So it makes clear that Hisun has had strong business ties with Coleman for many years.

What is the life length of a standard UTV?

It depends on different factors. The company and its quality also determine the longevity of a UTV. The mileage of a typical UTV would be up to 12000 miles. A standard UTV can serve you for 10-20 years maximum. It demands complete sustenance of the vehicle on all counts.

How to identify Hisun 500 UTV Problems?

There are different methods to address different problems of this vehicle. However, as a general tip, it’s better to keep a record of its performance. Stay in touch with your mechanic. Do quick repairs when needed. Clean the blockages. Keep the fuel tank filled. Don’t overuse the vehicle. Put it at rest as well. Don’t delay any problem that can grow bigger in size later. All these measures would help you detect Hisun 500 UTV problems.


The vehicle is a complete package for the owners. However, you cannot neglect its downsides as well. Since there have been several cases when the owners incurred huge losses.

Some of them had to go for another purchase of Hisun 500 UTV. We want to save you from this fuss. So we have shared with you common Hisun 500 UTV problems that you might have to face with this model.

The quality and the performance of the UTV have no match. The mileage is outstanding. Since our focus was on its problems. You can learn about the Hisun 500 UTV specs on our official OffRoadcare website.

Have in mind that the engine gets overheated often. The exhaust can undergo defects as well. Due to this reason, many users won’t shortlist it for purchase. We give you quick and affordable fixes to reduce the size of these problems.

Eradicate them completely. Note that these are primary fixes. You can consult a mechanic or seek help from the company in case you see no progress in the performance of your vehicle.

Have a robust ride with your Hisun 500 UTV!!!

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