8 Common Bennche UTV Problems With Solutions

Bennche has been a marvelous producer of viable offroading UTVs. These vehicles would render excellent performance during offroading activities. The impressive products from the companies are UTVs for the consumers.

The UTVs from the company has a remarkable exterior configuration. The performance is also identical to the standard UTV. The attributes of the UTV are astonishing as per the needs and expectations of the consumers.

However, there are certain Bennche UTV problems. Have in mind that these UTVs can give you a tough time on rugged tracks.

Common Bennche UTV problems

We are going to discuss some typical Bennche UTV problems!

1. UTV Stops Suddenly

The Bennche UTVs can stop running spontaneously. There can be many reasons for this problem. Sometimes there would be insufficient oil. Oil leaks can be a reason too.

Problems with the shaft can also stop it from running. In some cases, the shield would come in contact with moisture. It will turn off the Bennche automatically. It will make the transmission rough.

Thus damaging the engine. The vehicle won’t start normally due to this reason. Some drivers don’t use the UTV often which can impact the engine in a harmful way.


The solution is to keep checking the UTV for defects. Detect the UTV for oil leaks. Use your ride frequently in a safe manner as well.

2. Shifting Problems

The issue of gear shifting is another common problem with Bennche. When you use the Bennche in winter, it won’t be supportive of the far-fetched distances. The oil replacement and repair won’t be effective for this problem.

Different owners consider the air ventilation system the main culprit of this problem. The engine would get excessively warm when the UTV runs in the winter.

Some drivers would also use it for small to mid-range distances. Sometimes the internal components of the gearbox would lose their performance over time. The clutch won’t normally spin as it’s supposed to.

The bearing can also undergo faults that need proper correction.


Do some tweaks with the accelerator of your UTV. Also, check and see if the angle sensors might be needing a quick replacement. There must be no shift pins in the way of the transmission. The microswitches also need regular checkups.

3. Suspension Is Poor

Bennche’s products use Macpherson double A-arms that work on nitrogen. These are reliable for the provision of stability to the vehicle when it runs at high speeds.

Problems with the suspension can occur when the UTV needs to face steeper routes. It can hamper the pace of the vehicle on all counts. Abandoning you on a hill’s slope with no clue at hand.


Reach put to the differential lock in 4WD mode. It can be activated by pushing a corresponding button for this action. The vehicle would gain enough thrust to ride up on the steeper tracks with the utmost feasibility.

Bennche UTV photo 2

4. Uneasy Driving

It’s another common problem that you must consider while making a decision. Sometimes the model would fail to give you the proper comfort of riding a UTV. It cannot guarantee to serve you well on the unpaved tracks. It’s not recommended for elderly users.

Since vehicle management would be cumbersome for them. The configuration is shaky. The UTV produces a loud noise as well. Therefore it’s not for peaceful rides at all.


There is no viable solution to address a problem like this. In this case, you need to make another purchase. It can be a hefty and expensive decision for different buyers.

5. Faulty Injection System

Consider it a large group of problems. The sub-problems that fall under this category are many. Sometimes overheating can hit your UTV. This happens due to a defective and gunky radiator.

The screens can be damaged as well. Overheating is a serious problem for such UTVs. The drivers would rigorously use the engine. That would damage its quality on all counts.


It’s important to clean the radiator of the gunk present on it. Adjust the position of the cooler present on the front to give it proper cooling to decrease its temperature. Place dual fans to cool down the engine from all directions. Use proper mechanical tools to clean the fuel injectors.

6. Unusual Smoke Production

This is not a good choice to make when you see smoke around your vehicle. Sometimes the cylinders undergo extreme damage. This leads to gas leaks in the UTV.

Sometimes the condensation would remain burning which will produce excessive smoke. Reports tell that the piston rings can be defective. Valves and seals can be ruined as well.

The rings can undergo mechanical abrasion that would contribute to smoke production.


Don’t forget to execute regular checkups on the UTV. It can reduce smoke-driven problems on a larger level. Two important tests that include the leak-down test and compression test would help you detect the root cause.

7. Broken Shaft

The shaft can break due to several reasons. Owing to this fact, there have been many cases when the driver met extreme accidents. The company has all geared up to address this problem for the owners.

The company tells you to contact them if the steering shaft is not working naturally.


Contact your dealer or arrange an appointment with the company for the rectification of this problem.

8. Jammed Throttle Body

The throttle body can be jammed due to the prevailing accumulation of carbon in the system. The black soot and sludge keep dominating the system. Due to this reason, the throttle body won’t be able to accelerate the vehicle on different terrains.

In this case, you can address this problem on your own. Check out the solution below.


Exclude the old throttle body from the vehicle. Use a WD-40 or a clear to clean the throttle body for the gunk and carbon buildup. Now reach out the throttle blade with your finger. It’s time to spray the bearing using the clear you had used before. Clean it up from all sides to completely remove the building. Now re-connect all the electrical connections and wiring to the throttle body. Push the button. Turn it on. Check how it works now. If everything is fine, you can start using the UTV normally like before.

 Bennche UTV: Owner’s Thoughts

There have been a few complaints about the UTV from its owners. They were quite satisfied with the overall performance of this vehicle. However, there have been reports that show the typical issues with the Bennche UTV.

There are some basic complications. These can be rectified with less labor cost. While some issues are bigger in size. These need proper professional assistance. Some users believe that Bennche UTVs are similar to Yamaha Rhino.

There are different variants of the UTV present in the market that you can choose from. The most reported issues also included electrical faults. So now you have to be aware of these problems if you want to buy a Bennche UTV.

Our suggestion would be to talk with the nearby Bennche owners for your benefit. Listen to their thoughts about this model. So that it would be easier for you to funnel down the attributes of this UTV for yourself.


Type of engine does Bencche UTV have?

It’s a 967cc four-stroke V-twin cylinder that runs on EFI. Electronic fuel injection is a major element that enhances this UTVs performance for the drivers. The roaring engine would provide requisite power and pace to the entire vehicle. Making it an accommodating ride for offroading enthusiasts.

Who is the producer of Bencche UTV?

Bennche is an outstanding producer of such UTVs. It’s a leading distributor of motorbikes, UTVs, and other products. The producers associated with this company are operational in China. The company offers a spectacular warranty duration for the ease of its users.

Is Bennche UTV reliable?

Yes, it is. Bencche offroad vehicles are considerable for off-road activities. These are exceptional in their performance. Serve longer. The problems with these UTVs cannot be neglected that can grow in size later.

Closing Remarks

We hope that you are now completely familiar with the Bennche UTV problems. Our discussion offers viable solutions to treat these problems with the least investment.

Our motive is to impart knowledge about these issues that are typical ones for the Bennche UTVs.

The best way to address these problems is to get aware of them. You can also dig deeper into these issues by consulting the company itself. The best part about Bennche you must know is that the company is open to all sorts of discussions.

Also, you can seek mechanical assistance in case you cannot consult the company due to any reason. The mechanic would identify the root cause and would recommend suitable solutions.

Have fun with the jaw-dropping performance of Bennche UTV each time!!

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