The Best Method For Jeep TJ Steering Box Upgrade: All The Aspects Explained

Jeep TJ is an exceptional offroading vehicle. However, there are some problems related to its steering box. There are different symptoms and solutions in this aspect.

We are going to learn about Jeep TJ steering Box Upgrade on a deeper level.

In this article, we have to consider several realities of the Jeep TJ steering box. You must know the appropriate chances to replace the steering box as well.

This way, you will be able to keep these problems at bay. So that you can enjoy your Jeep TJ on a larger level.

Let’s get started with our discussion without further ado!

Is it possible to upgrade the steering box of Jeep TJ?

Yes, it is possible! You must gather important spare parts for this purpose. So that these will render feasible replacements. The owners can rely on these counterparts for effective replacement.

However, emergency replacements are more fruitful. There are some cases when replacing your steering box gets inevitable. This will save you time and labor costs as well.

The symptoms of the steering box will indicate that it’s the height time you consider a replacement for your Jeep TJ.

More on the symptoms later! First, we need to learn about the right way to the Jeep TJ steering box upgrade.

Jeep TJ Steering Box Upgrade: Step By Step Guide

Some people would upgrade the steering box without any professional help. In case, you want to do it yourself. There are some steps that will help with the fine replacement. The process is simpler. You can wind it up within a few minutes.

Step 1: A coupler is present under the engine. Besides, there is a shaft. Both these parts are with the steering box. A socket will help you exclude 2-3 bolts that keep the steering box in a firm position.

Step 2: The gearbox of the steering can be difficult to dislocate due to frequent utilization. You must apply excessive force using a metallic rod for this removal.

Step 3: The brackets must need removal too. These are present near the gearbox. The bumper and fence brackets can be excluded using simple metallic mechanical tools.

Step 4: Now is the time to remove the steering box from its frame. Take special care of the fragile parts like wiring while taking it out. The aluminum spacer needs your special attention too.

Step 5: After these steps replace the old steering box with the new one. You do this by bringing the aluminum spacer back to its original position.

Step 6: Now again pick up the bolts that you removed earlier and put them in place. There’s no need to fasten them as of now. Put the new steering box in the right place.

Step 7: Use a blue Loctite on all of the bolts. It will help in the firm attachment of the steering box.

TJ-Jeep-Wrangler-X photo 2

Bonus Tip: As per the recommendations of the experts, a steel spacer would benefit you a lot rather than an aluminum spacer. The bolts are of steel.

There can be chances of a galvanic reaction in the presence of the aluminum spacer due to frequent usage. This can lead to corrosion. However, steel spacers are not available in the market in ample amounts.

Jeep TJ Bad Steering Box Symptoms

1.   Jarring Steering Wheel

Problems that lead your Jeep to face a faulty steering wheel include a tight wheel. The entire wheel needs a replacement in this case. Many offroading vehicles need a hydraulic pressure system for smooth glides on the offroad tracks.

The hydraulic pressure system benefits the pinion and rack steering mechanisms of your Jeep. Sometimes the wheel gets stuck or becomes stiff due to frequent oil leakage and overheating.

2. Oil Leaks

Oil leakage around your Jeep’s steering can negatively impact its performance. Sometimes the gasket undergoes damage. Mechanical abrasion can also interrupt the natural performance of the wheel.

The oil leaks can completely lead the steering wheel to full failure. The counterparts must be properly lubricated and oiled for safe and smooth drives. Or in the other case, the Jeep would fail to function normally.

It is important to see the parts around the steering wheel. Whether they are in a natural position or not. A mechanic would help you with the oil leaks. Don’t try to correct the oil leaks yourself.

In this case, we recommend you go for immediate professional assistance.

3. Peculalir Noises

Another obvious indication that something is wrong with your steering is the noise. When you forget to properly lubricate the steering box parts. It will produce an unusual noise due to no lubrication.

It will give you a noise like metallic knocking. This often happens when a driver would make a turn. The Jeep would come in contact with an obstacle at the same time.

It is not beneficial to neglect complete lubrication. It can gradually influence your ride in a harmful way. Take proper care of lubrication. You would be good to go!

TJ-Jeep-Wrangler-X photo 3

4. Oil Burns

Some cases tell that the owners smelled the oil burning from their Jeep TJ. The smell was coming from the gearbox of the steering wheel. This is not a small issue with the wheel.

If this happens then it’s better to do measures to cool your Jeep down. Overheating can begin to burn the oil. Producing a strong smell from the burnt oil.

Excessive heat can increase the temperature of the oil. Seek help from a good mechanic. So that you can deal with this nuisance regarding the steering wheel immediately.

5. Veering Problems/Excessive Play

If you like to veer to only one side. This is not a good habit. The frequent excessive play would contribute to increasing your struggles with the Jeep TJ steering box problems. It can severely damage your steering box as well.

Old and faulty gear would result in excessive play. You can easily detect its symptoms. So that you will get a vivid idea of the condition. Due to frequent utilization, the Jeep gets old.

Owing to this reason, the drivers would steer excessively. They would want to keep the vehicle in a single direction. If the steering range of the wheel would be exceeding. It would need Jeep TJ steering box replacement as soon as possible.

By far you are well informed about the different aspects of the steering wheel of Jeep TJ. So it’s better if you learn about the average price range of Jeep TJ steering replacement as well.

Jeep TJ Steering Box Upgrade: Labor Cost

Have in mind that the labor cost would be variable. Some issues are basic. These don’t need more labor costs. However, some can make you empty your pockets. It’s better to have a look at this section to learn about the price ranges.

The average range of the gearbox replacement would be within $400-$550. You can also save some expenses depending on your self-repairing skills. Don’t forget that repairing a Jeep needs professional help in the majority of cases.

Some defects with your Jeep can be time-consuming as well.


How do you know when a steering box is faulty?

The vehicle would go in one direction during the ride. Sometimes the Jeep starts jumping when meets an obstacle. Sudden steering drift can also be a symptom. Also, the steering would keep sliding off the wheel. All these symptoms show that the steering needs replacement on an immediate basis.

How to tighten the Jeep TJ steering?

The easiest way to tighten the steering wheel is to use proper mechanical tools. Replace the worn-out bolts with newer ones. Use the right spacer for the firm adjustment of the steering wheel. All these measures would be helpful to fasten the newly installed steering.

How to test the steering box?

Put the weight of the Jeep on the rear wheels. Now use the help of a second person and check the performance of the gearbox. Do this test often. This way you will keep getting an idea of the steering’s performance at different intervals.

Is clogging possible in the steering box?

Clogging is possible in the steering box. It is not a common problem. Rare cases would include clogging in the steering wheel system. This clogging would resist it to turn properly for the drivers.

Winding It Up

We hope that this guide would clarify a lot of things in detail. Our guidelines are for giving you quick and easy solutions for your Jeep problems. So that you can get rid of these issues at home.

Also, make sure to completely negotiate the labor costs for the repairs.

Our motive behind this post is to impart all the possible information about Jeep TJ’s steering wheel. Its symptoms and the viable solutions. You can start implementing these tips right now on your Jeep.

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