Turn your SUV into a Pacer: Sport Mode on Jeep Cherokee | 2024

The performance of the Jeep Cherokee empowers the owners to enjoy fearless long rides. One of the main strengths of the Jeep Cherokee is its off-road model. A much more affordable choice than Cherokee X.

Cherokee has no parallel when it comes to its capability on tough terrains. The powertrains are V6 and Turbo4. The speeds are automatic and offer 6 levels to set. However, issues arise with braking and the smooth handling of this ride.

The advancements with the Jeep Cherokee are now compelling. These include a non-polarizing exterior. While the internal room features many upgrades. The overall riding performance is exceptional.

Ergonomic seats are for offering less exhaustive rides for the passengers. Also, the price range for Jeep Cherokee fluctuates according to the trim range. Cherokee is enticing for its driving modes.

In this post, we are going to learn about the What is  Sport Mode on Jeep Cherokee 2024.

Before jumping onto the actual discussion, let’s first discuss two main features of the Jeep Cherokee – performance and fuel consumption.


  1. The owners of Cherokee have three standard options among powertrains to select from. The engine at the base consumes HP of 180 in case of 2.4L. This is an inline-four engine.
  2. The second option is a 3.2L V6 that eats up 270-271HP.
  3. A Turbo4 engine is also available as a third option that works on 2.0L.

Cherokee further features nine automated speeds on its gear. Also, this SUV graces itself with an all-wheel drive and front-wheel drive.

Fuel Economy

  • The FWD guise of Cherokee is splendid for its owners. The Cherokee variants that come with the Turbo engine offer a fuel economy of 23-31 mpg city/highway.
  • Cherokee 4WD with V6 engine consumes 19-27 mpg city/highway which does not match the fuel consumption efficiency of other variants.
  • Cherokee Trailkawk needs an average of 18-24 mpg which is not reliable on different counts.

What are the different  Jeep Cherokee drive modes?

There are identical modes present in Jeep Cherokee and its other siblings. There is an extraordinary ‘Selec-Terrain Traction Management System’. This system renders five driving modes in these SUVs.

These are Auto Mode, Snow Mode, Sport Mode, Sand/mud Mode, and Rock Mode. However, we are going to explore three modes of them down below.

It is important to know about these modes. Also, the appropriate times to turn these on as per the terrain ahead in your journey.

1.   Jeep Cherokee Auto Mode

The Auto Mode is reliable for morning commutes of the people. The mode controls the SUV on the basis of specific models.

Another job of auto mode is to keep adjusting the torque. So that equal distribution of torque takes place for all the wheels. Due to this reason, auto mode serves well for this purpose.

2.   Jeep Cherokee Sport Mode

The Sport mode is for the professional handling of this SUV. It enhances the performance of this Jeep and makes driving a comfortable experience for the owners.

3.   Jeep Cherokee Sandmud Mode

The Sandmud mode is for generating more tension through the Jeep so that it does not jam in the mud. The mode produces a greater pull for feasible controlling of this SUV.

In this way, it makes it easier for you to keep moving comfortably on an irksome terrain.

Sport Mode on Jeep Cherokee photo 2

What is Sport Mode on Jeep Cherokee?

The Sport mode of Jeep Cherokee is for providing drivers with more ease during off-road journeys. It regulates the suspension for them as well. Handling this SUV on uneven ground becomes easier with Sport mode.

The drivers can also make precise turns during their journeys. Completely safe! To top it all, it is a multipurpose driving mode of the Jeep Cherokee. This is how it does this magic!

The Sport mode controls the gear for as long as the driver wants. It manages the clutch’s components at the same time. These are the diaphragm, the spring, and also the bearing that links with these parts.

The Sport mode is true to its name. It throttles the acceleration of the car. Makes you cover far-fetched distances in a few minutes! It brings out the hidden stealth of the engine for driving enthusiasts.

When do you use Sport mode on Jeep Cherokee?

By far, you are well aware of the definition of Sport mode. Well, it does make your car run like an athlete. After all, this is something you always want during off-road trips.

This model is the best possible solution to transform a boring road trip into something thrilling and yes – fast-paced!

The main objective of Sport mode is to improve the velocity of the Jeep. It turns off the traction regulation. So that it can add up more thrust to the engine. In this way, you can develop more command of the SUV while driving.

But the question remains unanswered! When do you use Sport mode on Jeep Cherokee?

There is no specific time to trigger the Sport mode. It’s only for improving the experience for the drivers. However, rainy conditions are not for using Sport mode at all. The Sport mode works best when you are running late!

It’s only for pacing up your car by expediting its engine. In terms of terrains, Sport mode is also beneficial. Hilly areas and uneven rocky roads will need to turn on the Sport mode.

The use of Sport mode to drive through the city will need more fuel economy. The handling of the steering wheel can also be difficult.

Sport Mode on Jeep Cherokee photo 3

How to turn on Sport mode on Jeep Cherokee?

Turning it on is not difficult. The drivers can trigger the Sport mode in two ways. One is by using a switch to enable the mode. Or else, someone can use a toggle button to turn this SUV into a pacer.

The location of the toggle button to turn on the Sport mode is different in all Jeep Cherokees. There are also knobs present to activate this mode. These are automatic and manual in all the Cherokee variants.

What are the benefits of using Sport Mode?

As per the discussion in one of the reviews from Vehicle History, there are some prominent benefits of using Sport mode on the Jeep Cherokee. Let’s see this down below!

  • Improves acceleration by switching suspension levels
  • Adjusts the height of Jeep on rough terrains
  • Changes suspension without manual input
  • Maintains the stability of SUV even at a fast speed

What is the best speed to use Sport mode?

Slower speeds are supportive of Sport mode. But there is no need to pull over. Turn off the Sport mode. Then, begin your journey. If so, then it would take many hours to reach your destination.

That, of course, is the last thing you want when you are running late for errands!

This is why it is important to keep the best possible speed and paths in mind to turn on the Sport mode. This will keep the complications at bay each time for a safe and happy trip.

You can turn this mode on whenever you need to speed up. it is important to consider some changes as soon as you turn on this mode.

The height of the Jeep changes at the same time. The gear becomes faster than before. It means you will observe some considerable change in its pace. Also, the steering wheel would take a lot of work to handle.


What is the function of sport mode?

It’s for quicker response of a car. Either in terms of driving or other functions, sport mode controls different functions of a vehicle.

Does sport mode enable fast driving?

Yes, it does. In most cases, sport mode throttles the acceleration of a car. It controls torque and engine power to give a quick boost to the overall car’s speed.

Can sport mode be used during driving?

It is possible. But a few changes in suspension, height, and steering would reduce the comfort in daily driving.

How is the performance of the Jeep Cherokee?

The performance of the Jeep Cherokee for off-road and on-road commutes is impressive. But the reports on the engine efficiency and transmission are not encouraging at all.

What type of car is Jeep Cherokee in terms of reliability?

It is a reliable SUV in a powertrain and fuel economy. Jeep Cherokee has received many encouraging reliability scores over the years.

In a Nutshell

Sport mode is your sidekick when you are in a hurry. It unleashes the real power of the Jeep’s engine. It also improves the quality of your daily commute for you. Some people take this mode as a source of thrill.

While others love it for its performance. It is beneficial to learn about how Jeep Cherokee responds in Sport mode if you are from its owners. The only drawback is that it takes up more fuel.

Due to this reason, many owners are still unaware of its perks during their trips.

Plus, it won’t be wrong to say that Sport mode is a lifesaver in emergencies. With just a single push, your Jeep will skyrocket its speed. So that you can enjoy yourself by reaching your destination on time!

So with no further ado, try out the Sport mode if you are still behind using it.

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