7 Common Kawasaki Mule 4010 Problems With solutions

The Kawasaki Mule 4010 is a beastly ride if you make a purchase. It’s a versatile vehicle on all counts. The vehicle comes packed with several attributes. We are going to discuss its attributes along with its problems as well.

You will get to know about the viable solutions for these in this discussion.

The EPS is the electrical power steering mechanism in the mule. The vehicle comes with comfortable seats. The storage capacity is 15.8 gallons. It means you can easily store up your luggage on this vehicle for offroading hauls.

Our focus will be the Kawasaki Mule 4010 Problems in this post. The vehicle never compromises its performance on all counts. The vehicles of the company offer consistency in their prolonged performance for the owners.

The mules are considerable for expert rides and quality comfort. The mule itself is a powerhouse that generates enough power to cater to offroad terrains.

Let’s have a look at the common problems of this vehicle below!

Common  Kawasaki Mule 4010 Problems

There have been some incidents when the owners of this mule had no idea of the following problems. Due to this reason, they were unable to deal with these on their own. They had to seek mechanical assistance.

That incurred huge labor costs as per the severity of these problems.

Want to save yourself from these annoying issues? Check out their solutions right here!

1.   Engine’s Poor Performance/Electrical Power Loss

It is a common problem with the Kawasaki Mule 4010. In this case, you will feel a slight decrease in the pace of the vehicle. The power loss would be due to the stepper offroading terrains.

The engine gets too weak to give proper thrust to the vehicle. Due to this reason, the mule does not smoothly ride up the hilly slopes for you. It’s a serious problem. It can also prevail leading your engine to undergo full failure.

That would cost you a high amount of repair costs later.

Solution: Experts believe that the fuel pump can also be the main cause behind power loss. You cannot always easily check the fuel pipes and any blockage in them. Since the symptoms and faults are mostly hidden from your eyes. Insufficient charging can also be a reason. You must repair the broken battery terminals. Clean the gunk and debris if present. Replace the wiring with the newer one as well.

2.   Seats Get Overheated From Below

In some cases, your mule’s seat would get extremely overheated. Now, this overheating can occur from any direction. Front and rear sides are common for overheating.

The seats would be overheating from the downward direction as well. This happens when the internal air ventilation has been interrupted by any sort of blockage. The blockage would be in the direction where it reaches the engine.

The air ventilation would make it easy to below the seats to the engine. If the problems get severe, they can spark a fire in the vehicle. Leading to loss of life and higher destruction to the car itself.

Solution: There is no heat guard present in the configuration. However, it is important that you install a spare heat guard on your vehicle. So that you would be safe and secure while using the vehicle. You can find spare parts like heat guards on different E-commerce platforms like Amazon.

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3.   Gear Shifting Problems

The gear of this model can also undergo extreme failure if you ignore it. Sometimes drivers would intensify the gears. Especially the high to low ranges would be difficult to handle.

It’s a typical problem that many owners of Kawasaki Mule 4010 have reported over the years. Technical faults with the gear would contribute to growing the problem in size. The jammed gear would also be unable to shift smoothly.

Solution: The problem with gear shifting has no such solution that you can execute on your own. However, it’s better to bring this issue to the notice of the company. So that they would send immediate professional help to address this issue.

4.   Fuel Pump Is Faulty

The fuel pump would produce irritating noise while riding the vehicle. You would also find it hard to start the fuel pump normally. The pumps would drastically fail to respond naturally for initiation.

These would spontaneously halt working for the drivers. If the fuel pump starts to act up, it’s important to keep a vigilant check on the fuel pump instead of neglecting this problem.

Solution: It’s better to completely clean the fuel filter in different intervals. So that there would be no sludge and gunk present in the fuel system. The buildup would cause blockages that would create further problems for you and your vehicle.

5.   Defective Throttle Body/Sensor Is Bad

These two counterparts can be a serious nuisance for you in some cases. There are rare chances that you would find TPS sensors with no throttle body. This contributes to the problem for the drivers.

The problem with the throttle body and sensors would occur due to wrong ventilation of the exhaust into the air filter. The exhaustive by-products and gases would not go directly into the environment.

Instead, these would damage the air filter. The burnt oil gets accumulated around the throttle body. Making it vulnerable to mechanical abrasion at a rapid speed.

Solution: If this is the case, then you need to take immediate action. Detach the tube from TB in the first place. After that spray the cleaner on the throttle body. Keep the engine on while doing this step. In the other case, when things don’t get right. It’s better to replace the throttle body before it further complicates the situation for you.

6.   Issues With the Transmission System

If your vehicle starts to produce irritating noise peculiarly. It means there is something off with the transmission system. The noise would be loud when you will shift the gear while driving the mule.

It’s a highly distractive problem when you are on a go with the vehicle. It also can damage the whole transmission system of your ride later.

Solution: There are two possible solutions. Either repair the transmission or replace it with a reliable one. In case you cannot do it on your own then don’t take any risks. Consult a mechanic and they would help you in this case.

7.   Wiring Harness Acts Up

These harnesses are responsible for securing the ATV’s wiring network intact for the long run. The problem with this harness would include loosened pins. These loosened pins would fail to protect the wiring on all counts.

Make them prone to damage as well.

Solution: The only solution is to quickly replace the harness. Do it on your own or else seek professional help.

 Kawasaki Mule 4010: Customer’s Feedback

To your surprise, this model has some encouraging customer feedback around the globe. The owners are happy with the performance. They can easily rely on the mule for their adventures.

The consumers tell that the model is an authentic one from the company. Remarkable in durability and longevity. The issues were also included in their reviews. They had to address them without mechanical assistance.

But many invested a lot of money in the repairing costs in some cases.


How long can Kawasaki Mule 4010 last?

The configuration of mules has been engineered to make them able for rugged adventures. The engine is 617cc and offers a remarkable top speed of 25 mph. The vehicle also delivers impressive power and thrust to the drivers. If you are using the mule for top speed then make sure that you have completely inflated the tires. The falt tires would hamper the speed of the mule.

Is Kawasaki Mule 4010 really good?

Its performance is really good. The suspension is smooth on the rigged trails. The configuration of the mules is tougher to impress you. The cylinder works with the fuel injection and contributes to smooth rides.

What type of engine is installed in the  Mule 4010?

The Kawasaki Mule 4010 is a 617cc V-twin engine that works on fuel injection. The engine is a four-stroke and offers effortless performance on offroading hauls.

Summing It Up

There is no margin of doubt in the performance of Kawasaki mule 4010. It comes in an affordable price range. The model has been a heart stealer for different users.

There have been problems with the mule. We have discussed these problems with you in this post. So that you can identify the problems and address them in a hustle-free way.

We recommend not to experiment with these problems if you are not sure. This would lead to more damage instead of any good. Make sure you follow the given solutions. If something does not work.

Then it’s reliable that you consult the company. Or go to a local mechanic to cater to the problem at the right time.

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