5 Common Jeep Liberty Diesel Problems with Solution (2024)

The standard-sized and affordable SUVs like Jeep Liberty are everyone’s favorite. Over the years, it has successfully made a firm place in the hearts of Jeep enthusiasts.

It has been a renowned model in the entire lineup launched by the company. It is important to consider due to its exceptional off-road performance. But there are some certain Jeep Liberty diesel problems.

There is another factor of ‘CRD’ that will be a prominent part of this discussion.

We are going to discuss some major issues in a bit. This post will impart knowledge of the common diesel problems in Jeep Liberty. So that you can get aware of these setbacks in time.

Also, complete knowledge will save you from labor and repair costs in the future.

So if you are struggling with your Jeep’s CRD or there’s something fishy with its diesel engine. Then continue reading our discussion!

What is a CRD on a Jeep Liberty?

CRD is an abbreviation for ‘Common Rail Diesel’. It is a special fuel system of a Jeep Liberty. There is a fuel pump at the back end of this system that produces it.

We are going to further elaborate on this term CRD for you in a detailed overview. So that it will be easier to better understand the diesel problems of Jeep Liberty.

Jeep Liberty CRD Review Long Term

The feature of Long Term CRD has been a heart stealer for different owners. The feature is reliable for the maintenance of the mpg of the Jeep Liberty’s diesel.

The feature is the sole reason behind the comfort offered by this spectacular 5-seater SUV. It will be not wrong to say that not only fuel economy is cost-efficient for the owners. Instead, the owners were able to save up on the premium maintenance of their Jeep. The maintenance includes

It is obvious that during fuel consumption, a vehicle has to meet the expectations of the users. The owners of Liberty can be relieved since its CRD is a remarkable sidekick for them.

The engine of Liberty is a solid addition to its configuration. A complete package and power booster 2.8L VM Motori 4-cylinder turbodiesel engine for the SUV says a review from Motor Trend. The owners have been impressed with the powerful torque produced by this engine.  Despite the presence of a turbodiesel engine, the Liberty is a composed vehicle.

Over the years, the Jeep Liberty has undergone many modifications. The experiments showed that the Jeep performed well for many miles. Even when there was huge and annoying traffic. It did not compromise the execution at all. But there was a tester who reported that the gas pedal of the liberty got jammed while taking a turn on the left side. They further added, Liberty is not supportive of accelerated operations. The Jeep would stop responding too.

Jeep Liberty Diesel Problems photo 1

Jeep Liberty Diesel Problems

Let’s get to the main discussion. Below is the detail of common Jeep Liberty Diesel problems that many owners have reported over the years.

The common Jeep Liberty Diesel Problems are:

  • Engine gets hot while driving
  • Engine keeps misfiring
  • EGR acts up
  • Intercooler outflow

We are going to have a detailed discussion of these problems. Don’t worry, you can solve these issues with authentic information and guidance.

1. Engine gets Hot while driving

This might seem normal to you. But peculiar and unusual heating of the engine can be serious. There is a warning light present in Jeep Liberty’s system. The purpose of the light is to make you aware of the issue. The light blinks as the engine overheats. Some owners can also smell the coolant of the engine in some cases.

The coolant produces a sweet smell. This is a clear sign that the Jeep is getting overheated. One main reason can be that sometimes the engine coolant is below average. The best solution is to have a look at the coolant level. Another reason can be the defective fans. The job of this fan is to direct the air on the radiator to cool it down. In some cases, these fans need an immediate replacement.

2. Engine keeps Misfiring

Another problem is the misfiring of the engine. The problem can create a negative impact on the driving comfort of the drivers. It is vital to know that the ratio of air to fuel in the engine of Liberty should provide proper ignition to the system. If it undergoes any defect, then it will fail to ignite at all.

This lack of ignition causes the misfiring of the engine. The signs are when you feel a vibration or shaking while driving. This can also lead to complete engine loss. Not only the engine will be damaged. But there will be a negative impact on fuel consumption, and exhaust emission as well. If the problem starts to prevail, then you might face a big loss in the future.

Jeep Liberty Diesel Problems photo 2


The solution to this problem can be the detection of fault codes. There is a special scanner for these codes. If you plug the scanner into the diagnostic port available. Then you can further process the detection by checking the codes displaying on the screen one after the other. You can further dig deeper into the fault codes with the help of Enhance Jeep where they are thoroughly describing this factor for the readers.

3. Exhaust Gas Recirculations (EGR) Acts Up

It is a dedicated valve in the Liberty. Its job is to regulate the emissions produced by the Jeep. Or keep them low as much as possible. These gases come out of the tailpipe of the Liberty. One major benefit of the EGR valve is that it sends back some amount of emissions into the manifold. The engine reuses this amount of emissions and thus the emissions are reduced.

Thus making the environment more pristine and hygienic. The location of the engine is under the compartment hood. Problems with this valve will not let it perform its job properly.


The solution is to seek professional support. The mechanic will perform the service for air induction which is also called carbon cleaning. This measure removes the sludge or any tar buildup in the exhaustion system. Using premium oils and lubricators will also be a helpful option.

4. Intercooler Outflow

Intercoolers are essential for the flawless performance of Jeep. These are the regulators of the torque and power of the Liberty. Intercoolers are essential for cooling the air in the long run. There can be certain issues with the intercoolers that make them leak or discharge the substance. Their pipes would be showing leaks from different areas.


There are only two solutions that are viable in this case. The intercoolers need proper repairing or they must be replaced. It is essential to know the symptoms of faulty intercoolers.

One is the overheated engine. The faulty intercooler can be due to extra heating of the engine. Due to this reason, the air will go straight into the engine. It will boost the overall engine temperature.

So putting the engine at rest is essential. Immediate repair or replacement is crucial for this problem. Another indicator is detonation. There is a special light in most of the Jeep variants.

The check lights are for making the drivers aware. If something is fishy with the engine or its performance. Miniature detonations can destroy the intercooler. Since the engine is in constant contact with the hot air. It damages the intercooler as well.


How many miles does Jeep Liberty’s diesel last?

The diesel of Jeep Liberty will last up to 400,000 miles on a single charge. Its limit can be exceeded if the engine is in an optimum state.

Is it essential to consider the diesel reliability of Jeep Liberty before buying?

Yes, it is important to have an idea about the diesel reliability of Jeep Liberty. So that you can compare different Jeep models in terms of diesel and fuel systems before coming to any sort of decision.

What is the best way to detect Jeep Liberty diesel problems?

The best way is to know about the Jeep Liberty diesel problems. Keep in touch with the Jeep mechanic. Never compromise on regular servicing of the Jeep. Take immediate action in the case when your Jeep acts up unusually.

The Last Say

The Jeep liberty diesel engine is exceptional as compared to other models. There is no doubt about its issues. As you can have a general idea from this discussion. There have been several cases when these issues destroyed the rides of the owners. Due to a lack of knowledge to address these issues. They incurred huge losses later.

It is better to know about the possible issues. So that it gets feasible for you to rectify the problems sooner. It saves time, effort, and labor costs at the same time. We hope that our post was enlightening for you to address these problems. Now you can enjoy the rides of Jeep Liberty with no worries!

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