7 Common Arctic Cat Prowler 500 Problems with Solutions

Arctic Cat has been a fine brand of efficient ATVs. The company has launched several side-by-side ATVs. The Arctic Cat Prowler 500 and its variants are exceptional to perform.

These are versatile. It means they can go well on all types of offroading terrains. Despite the fact that such an amazing offroading vehicle comes packed with different attributes.

You can still face some downsides of the Arctic Car Prowler 500. Keeping your ease in mind. We are going to learn about Arctic Cat 500 problems in this discussion.

Common Arctic Cat Prowler 500 Problems:

1. Problems With Reliability

There have been several customer reviews that tell use reliability problems with Arctic Cat Prowler 500. The roll cage bolts get frequent damage as well. The former variants of this vehicle have shown similar issues with reliability.

The tie road and front axle of this model won’t be functioning properly for some users. So in case, you are facing any of these problems. Then know that such problems have been typical ones for the owners.

Another interesting fact about this vehicle is that it can be used for hunting. However, it would produce some loud noises when you would step on the brakes.

Solution: Do careful and regular checkups on different parts. Make the front axle is working properly. The brakes would stop making loud noises with the help of proper lubrication.

2. Fuel Outflow/Spark Problems

Some of the former models of this vehicle would undergo such issues. These problems mostly occur due to faulty technical assembly. The fuel fitting present on the throttle body would cause bigger problems.

These include downsides like spark issues and fire hazards for the owners.

You might ignore such issues if they occur. However, ignoring them is not a good choice. Since it can transform into bigger losses later. The company has made several rectifications for these problems.

So you see how this is a common Arctic Cat Prowler 500 problem?

The recommendations would also be viable for you to consider. So let’s check them out below!

Solution: Consult the company by booking an appointment. Discuss these problems with a mechanic. Another solution can be to keep checking the fuel leaks to make preventative measures right on time.

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3. Defective Brakes(Parking and Rear Brakes)

This makes another common problem with the Arctic Cat Prowler 500. The brake issues would lead to abnormal functioning of the towing system of the vehicle. Particularly the parking brakes would interrupt the towing ability of your Arctic Cat Prowler 500.

These two attached brakes are of old designs. Their style of working is also outdated. However, many owners would like to rely on these with no complaints. The major problems with the rear brake happen due to the faulty detachment of the brake pad from the corresponding caliper.

Sometimes the type of flex is not appropriate for the pedal. That resists the brakes to work organically.

Solution: Immediately replace the parking and rear brakes. Check them if there is a need for proper lubrication. Also, make sure the brake pads are firm and in their original position.

4. Poor Diaphragm Pump/Defective Vacuum Piston

In some cases, the owners had to experience a poor diaphragm pump. This mainly occurs due to the mixing of ethanol with the gas. This leads to spontaneous turning off the vehicle.

Extreme noises can be its result too. Another major problem is the less RPM than expected. The throttle was not working normally as well. If the fuel range is not sufficient enough. Then it would damage the diaphragm pump. The diaphragm won’t maneuver the way it should.

Solution: Check the diaphragm pump and its surrounding counterparts. Look for immediate fixes on the internet. If nothing works then consult a professional mechanic to resolve these annoying issues.

5. Broken Belt/Overheated Clutch

Some owners say that belts undergo sudden breakage during their offroad hauls. The starter issues are also a part of this debate. The drivers would smell an unusual scent from the belt area.

Clutch issues mainly include the overheating of the clutch. The main reason behind the belt damage is the overheating of the clutch.

Solution: Replace the clutch with the new one in case of extreme damage. Make sure to give your vehicle some rest after frequent usage. Change the belt as well if needed.

6. Lack Of Accessories

The vehicle comes with fewer but crucial accessories. So this has been a common complaint from the owners. Since in some situations, the vehicle won’t work efficiently in the absence of these accessories.

Also, these are barely present on the market. So drivers cannot always find them easily for the sake of their vehicles. The availability crisis of these accessories often frustrates the owners.

Spare parts like the winch mounting bracket and power steering unit were among the most missing parts of the vehicle. These accessories are crucial for the natural performance of the vehicle.

If they get short, then these might can create upheavals for your offroading adventures.

Solution: Try to keep a check on the online e-commerce stores to find these spare parts. Also, try to maintain the vehicle’s parts. Since these can go missing in emergency situations.

7. Expensive Maintainance Investment

Let’s face this! Maintaining your Arctic Cat Prowler 500 is not an affordable job. This has been the most reported complaint from customers. The amount of investment you would be needing for this vehicle is a harsh reality.

This model needs proper servicing at different intervals of the month. Some faults might empty your pockets owing to their complexity. Thus, labor costs are important to keep your ride in a good shape.

So that it can serve you longer for every offroading adventure. Keep in mind that two important parts of this vehicle which are the intake valve and exhaust valve need intermittent detection.

Solution: Try to rectify the problems with your Prowler as soon as possible so that you can save up a lot on labor costs.

Arctic Cat Prowler 500: Honest Feedback

There are mixed reviews of the owners of their Arctic Cat Prowler 500. The vehicle does not let you down in the areas of performance, endurance, comfort, and other attributes.

It’s also worth the money you spend on the vehicle. Since it meets the standards of typical products from the Arctic Cat. Some users found it sluggish on some terrains.

However, the accessories gave them a tough time. Also, the power steering issues were another reason that disappointed the owners. Since this model lacks an efficient parking brake.

The towing can be a huge problem for the owners. Some drivers also prefer Honda and other brands over Arctic Cat due to its visible downsides.


What is the production site of Arctic Cat Prowler 500?

The production site of this model is in America. There have been several variants of this model produced at the same production site. Making remarkable vehicles of this lineup for the owners. 

Who is the producer of Arctic Cat Prowler?

The well-established producer of Arctic Cat Prowler 500 and its other siblings is Suzuki. Its engines are an integral part of these vehicles. Suzuki has been offering its engines to Arctic Cat for many past years. The firm is also an important owner of equity in the company owing to its contributions to its growth and global acceptance.

What type of engine is on Arctic Cat Prowler?

It’s a three-cylinder EFI engine. It’s a calm cylinder for the vehicle. A good addition to the configuration of the Prowler. So that it can tackle all types of uneasy terrains. A decent suspension and performance are the features that come with the vehicle.

The Last Say

The producer of Arctic Cat Prowler 500 is Textron. The producer has emphasized the succinct configuration of the vehicle. Comes with excellent features to accommodate the drivers.

So that these features can come together to give a proper thrust to the vehicle. The storage of the Prowler is impressive. It means you can store up a maximum amount of luggage with yourself owing to this storage capacity.

However, make sure you are not ignoring the abovementioned Arctic Cat Prowler 500 problems. We have also mentioned the thoughts of other owners for this model.

Since there have been many reports and complaints. To put it together, we would recommend you focus on the maintenance of the original parts of the vehicle.

So that you don’t have to struggle with the short spare parts in the market. This would save you time and effort. Our viable fixes are cost-efficient. Offroadcare wants to offer you affordable solutions to deal with Arctic Cat Problems.

Now make every offroading adventure a memory with your Arctic Cat Prowler 500!!!

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