Common Problems 2008 Polaris RZR 800: Tips And Solutions

Common problems with the 2008 Polaris RZR 800 include overheating, transmission issues, and starting difficulties. Solutions involve regular maintenance, proper cooling system function checks, and electrical system inspections.

The 2008 Polaris RZR 800 remains a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts, known for its agility and power. Yet, like any vehicle, it comes with its unique set of challenges that owners may encounter over time. Tackling these problems head-on with proactive measures and understanding the typical issues can prevent costly repairs and downtime.

Owners often report overheating, which usually stems from a clogged radiator or a malfunctioning water pump. Transmission glitches, another common setback, can arise from worn-out belts or insufficient lubrication. Starting troubles are often related to the battery or the starter itself. Quick identification and resolution of these issues are imperative for maintaining the ATV’s performance and longevity. Regular maintenance and early detection through routine checks can help Polaris RZR enthusiasts enjoy their rides with minimal interruptions.

1. Starting Issues

The 2008 Polaris Rzr 800 often faces challenges while starting up. Two main problems often emerge: battery related and ignition system malfunctions. Let’s delve into these issues in more detail and find their practical solutions.

Battery Problems

The battery is a vital part of the Polaris Rzr 800. Without a good battery, your vehicle may not start. Major battery issues include a weak battery or poor connections.

  • A weak battery – This could be due to age or infrequent use. Solution: Regularly charge and replace old batteries.
  • Poor connections – Corroded or loose connections affect power flow. Solution: Ensure connections are clean and tight.

Ignition System Malfunctions

Besides the battery, the ignition system also impacts starting. Frequent issues involve a faulty ignition switch or spark plug.

  1. Faulty ignition switch – A faulty switch might prevent your Rzr 800 from starting. Solution: Replace the switch if it’s damaged or worn out.
  2. Bad spark plug – A defective spark plug can cause ignition problems. Solution: Regularly check and replace spark plugs.

2. Engine Troubles

Polish your RZR 800 and get ready to tackle any engine woes with confidence. In the realm of off-roading, engine issues are common but not insurmountable. Swift diagnosis and action can save the day. Let’s delve into some typical challenges and their smart solutions.

Overheating Problems

Overheating can mean a day of fun turns into frustration. Maintain a cool engine with these tips:

  • Check coolant levels regularly and top off if necessary.
  • Inspect the radiator for blockages and clean it frequently.
  • Scan for any signs of coolant leaks and address them at once.
  • Assess the thermostat’s health for proper regulation of engine temperature.
  • Verify that the water pump belt is in good condition.

Misfiring Issues

A misfiring engine can dampen your off-road experience. Keep your ride smooth with these fixes:

3. Suspension And Steering Problems

The 2008 Polaris RZR 800 is known for its off-roading prowess. However, users have reported issues with the steering and suspension. Some common problems you may encounter are excessive vibration and loose steering. Fortunately, both of these issues can be resolved with a little bit of knowledge and effort.

2008 polaris rzr 800 photo 2

Excessive Vibration

Excessive vibration can become a real nuisance. It usually points to a problem with the suspension. Here’s a brief overview of some possible causes and solutions:

  • Cause: Damaged or worn-out suspension bushings.
  • Solution: Replace the bushings. Bear in mind, always replace worn-out parts with high-quality ones.
  • Cause: The shock absorber or strut assembly is faulty.
  • Solution: Inspect them and replace if needed.

Loose Steering

Another common problem on the 2008 Polaris RZR 800 is loose steering. Do not ignore it. Attend to it promptly to ensure your safety. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Cause: The tie rod ends may be worn out.
  2. Solution: Simply replace the tie rod ends with new ones.
  3. Cause: The steering box may have too much play.
  4. Solution: Adjust the steering box or replace it if required.

4. Electrical Problems

The 2008 Polaris RZR 800 is an excellent off-road vehicle. Despite this, it can have some electrical troubles. Some common issues are faulty wiring and headlight issues. We provide some handy tips and solutions below.

Faulty Wiring

Wiring problems cause most electrical mishaps. These can leave your RZR 800 unreliable.

  • Inspect wires for damage regularly.
  • Replace any damaged or old wires immediately.
  • Ensure all connections are tight and corrosion-free.
  • Use a wire brush to remove corrosion.

Headlight Issues

Headlight issues can spoil a night ride.

Remember, electrical issues require a professional if they persist. Safety is key, so don’t hesitate to reach out to a trained mechanic. Keep your 2008 Polaris RZR 800 running smoothly and enjoy your off-road adventures!

5. Transmission And Clutch Problems

Owners of the 2008 Polaris Rzr 800 often face challenges with transmission and clutch systems. Symptoms like gears slipping or clutch engagement issues can turn a fun ride into a frustrating experience. Fear not, as this section dives deep into these problems, offering practical tips and solutions. Equip yourself with the know-how to get your Rzr 800 back on the trail smoothly.

Slipping Gears

Gears that slip are troublesome but fixable. Riding suddenly becomes less responsive. Power seems lost between engine and wheels. This may stem from worn clutch components or incorrect gear oil levels. Regular maintenance checks prevent gear slip.

  • Inspect clutch components for wear.
  • Ensure gear oil levels meet manufacturer specs.
  • Replace any damaged or worn parts immediately.

Clutch Engagement Difficulties

Difficulties with the clutch engaging are another common setback for the Rzr 800. Riders might notice the vehicle hesitates before moving or does not move at all. This often points to an adjustment issue or a need for clutch system service.

  1. Check and adjust the clutch cable for proper tension.
  2. Examine clutch plates for excessive wear.
  3. Lubricate pivot points to ensure smooth operation.

Maintaining these vital parts ensures performance remains top-notch. Addressing issues promptly will keep your Polaris Rzr 800 ready for any adventure. Remember, gear and clutch health is key to the lifespan of your UTV—treat them well.

Frequently Asked Questions On Common Problems 2008 Polaris Rzr 800: Tips And Solutions

What Is Considered High Mileage On A Rzr 800?

High mileage for a RZR 800 is typically considered anything over 10,000 miles. Regular maintenance can extend its lifespan, but this is generally the threshold.

What Is The Top Speed Of The 2008 Polaris Rzr 800?

The top speed of the 2008 Polaris RZR 800 is approximately 55 mph (88. 5 km/h).

What Is A 2008 Rzr Worth?

The value of a 2008 Polaris RZR ranges from $2,300 to $4,500. This price can vary based on condition, mileage, and any added accessories.

What Is The Difference Between Rzr 800 And Rzr 800s?

The RZR 800 boasts a compact design and tighter turning radius. On the other hand, the RZR 800S has greater ground clearance, longer suspension travel and wider stance. Both are exceptional in engine performance.


Wrapping up, it’s clear that your 2008 Polaris Rzr 800 may encounter some issues. Yet, with our outlined tips and solutions, you can swiftly tackle such problems. Keep your rig in top shape by being proactive. This may ensure many more years and miles of outdoor adventure with your trustworthy vehicle.

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