Grand Cherokee has been a first-rate Sport Utility Vehicle for many years. It is exceptional in offering comfortable driving. There have been many encouraging reports from the owners as to the performance of this vehicle. But there are some issues with Grand Cherokee’s climate control functions. These can entirely ruin your long drive. So it’s important to know about these problems.

This post is going to discuss the Jeep Grand Cherokee climate control problems. Along with their solutions and other aspects.

When you are driving offroad, the situation can be challenging. The terrain gets difficult to handle. Specially rocky and sandy terrains need special attention and driving expertise. The climate control problems are related to the AC of the Jeep. These problems occur when your Jeep’s AC is acting up. These issues are typical with Jeep models. No matter what model you own.

Or what trim level do you have. You can face these problems anytime anywhere. We are going to divide this debate into two parts. Technical and non-technical issues with climate control. It will render a feasible understanding through this read. If you want to save yourself from sudden catches of climate control. Then take your time with this one and follow it carefully.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Problems In many Models

Jeep Grand Cherokee offers two driving modes. These are manual and automatic driving. These modes depend on the trim level of the Jeep. The issues with the trim level are either technical or non-technical.

So the solutions for them are also different that you must keep in mind. In this section, we are going to have a look at the technical issues.

Technical Issues

1.    Defective Blend Door Actuator

A blend door actuator appears as a small motor made from plastic. The function of this actuator is to regulate the temperature and air throw of the AC. There are special settings that are useful for this feature.

Sometimes the AC is on but it’s not throwing out any air. It means there is something off with the blend door actuator. Another symptom is noise. The noise comes from the dashboard when the motor is jammed somewhere.

2.    Poor Function of Cabin Filter

The purpose of a cabin filter system is to keep the air ventilating in or out of the AC pure. This system keeps the air clean. It enhances the performance of the AC. The poor functioning of the cabin filter system can impact the climate control mechanism of your jeep as well.

You can further learn about the cabin filter system from Car and Driver where they have an enlightening discussion for the owners about it. The defective system will be unable to gather air from the Jeep. Therefore it fails to return the cool air to the passengers. There is an extremely low airflow inside the Jeep.

That can create a negative influence on the other components of the cabin filter system as well. It is better to keep checking the important components to keep the complications at bay.

3.    Cooling Fan Is Faulty

A cooling fan is the backbone of the climate control system. Its function is to recycle the air that has been ventilating in the Jeep. It maintains the balance in the AC functioning of the Jeep.

Problems with this cooling fan can be serious if they dominate.

4.     Compressors are not Working Well

AC compressors can lose their stealth due to frequent driving. This is another technical issue of the climate control system. The owners need immediate professional assistance to get these compressors replaced.

Since compressors are a crucial part of the AC system, these have to be in good shape. Otherwise, things will make climate control worst in its performance as per the recommendation of Get Jerry.

Non-technical Issues

There are some non-technical issues with the climate control system of your Jeep. These can be addressed with no professional help. Seasoned drivers can solve these issues on their own.

Below are some non-technical Jeep Grand Cherokee climate control problems.

1.    Electrical Faults

Sometimes the Jeep’s AC can operate involuntarily. That means spontaneous turning on/off of the AC system. This means that there is something wrong with the wiring network.

The ground can also be faulty. If the life length of the batteries has expired. Then these would cause these electrical faults too.

2.    Door And Sunroof are Problematic

There is an inclusion of a Panoramic Sunroof in the Grand Cherokee. It enhances the style and features of the Jeep. These should be properly closed on the command. The problem will occur in the functioning of doors and sunroof. The cooling fans cannot gather enough air from the open area.

Therefore the air deprivation will not supply the proper air out of the AC system. Cool air goes waste due to the faulty performance of the sunroof since it has an extra open area.

This issue also has been reported among the  2020 jeep Grand Cherokee climate control problems.

3.    Unfastened Bolts and Nuts

Another non-technical problem is the loose nuts and bolts. These can damage the linkage between the whole climate control system. These can also impact the natural functioning of the AC system of the Jeep.

4.     Compatibility Setback

The compatibility of components of climate control have to be compatible. Their life length needs to be more. So that you can enjoy your Grand Cherokee’s ride with an extra kick.

The AC of the jeep should be compatible with its model. Or else it will complicate its performance.

5.    Water Leaks and Dusty Airflow

When you have been using the AC for a long time. Then it is obvious that it can undergo water leaks and dusty airflow. There can be different leak spots on the dashboard.

When the drivers or users will open the doors and windows then leaked water and dust would attack them. These problems would hold the system back from recycling the air.

6.    Wrong Settings of System

In some cases, you need to reset the system by changing its settings. Sometimes the AC is working but the display is not showing anything. These settings are different in all the Jeep models.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Problems

Viable Solutions For Jeep Grand Cherokee Climate Control Problems

By far you are well-familiar with the technical and non-technical issues with the Grand Cherokee’s climate control. Now, we are going to have quick look at the wide range of solutions for these common issues.

Note: Follow these tips to make sure your Jeep is in good shape. Also, its climate control would remain intact in the long run.

It is better to resolve a non-technical problem yourself with a little research on the internet. If it is a technical issue then don’t delay and seek mechanical help. Another solution is to execute intermittent inspections of Jeep’s components. These can be the climate control parts like cooling fans. The cabin filter also needs checkups. AC compressors might be poor in performance due to a margin of replacement.

These parts can be installed individually. Since these are available on a spare basis as well. If you are an old owner of a Grand Cherokee then it would be needing a complete replacement of the system.

In most cases, it is better to do this instead of going for the installation of the spare part. If you are about to go for another climate control for your Jeep. Then it should be in correspondence with the trim level of your Jeep model. It should be in an ideal state too. Keep the parts of climate control maintained. Use soft fabrics and small brushes to clean the congested areas and compartments of the system.

If settings are wrong then look for solutions on the internet as per the Jeep model.

How to detect Issues with Climate Control?

The Jeeps have an intense HVAC system. The system compromises many movable parts that might be out of your sight. These contribute together to throwing the cool air out of the AC ducts.

If the system undergoes any type of leak or electrical damage then the system fails to act naturally. Since there can be more than one issue. It gets difficult to detect the root cause.

If you have any sort of scanning tool then it might easier in terms of detection. In case, if you don’t have a scanner then a mechanic would help you. Expert mechanics will identify the exact problem.

They would recommend viable suggestions as well.


Why is Grand Cherokee’s AC system not cooling?

There can be many reasons behind this. However, looking for the failures in climate control would be helpful. Cooling fans, compressors, wiring, and other aspects can be responsible for this problem

How much is the labor cost to fix the climate control of Grand Cherokee?

The labor cost can be up to $200-$245 in most cases. The price can be exceeded if the problem is bigger in size. The ACs of the Jeep are variable on the basis of trim levels. The problems can be different from one Jeep to the other.

Final Thoughts

Cherokee is a giant and ergonomic SUV. One of its main features is the climate control system. But its faults can leave it useless for the owners. Unless repairs are done, you would be deprived of cool air inside your Jeep.

AC is inevitable for offroading especially when the weather is hot.

Avoid climate control problems and keep your AC intact with our discussion. Everything you need to know about climate control and its other aspects.

Have a good time with enthusiastic off-road adventures with your Cherokee!!

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