The Jeep Cherokee has every feature you want in an SUV, combining off-road prowess with luxurious comfort. The Grand Cherokee will make you feel at home on a road or a trail, but do you know that your Jeep Cherokee has hidden compartments? In this post, I will discuss this topic so let’s start!


The producers have yet to disclose whether or not the Cherokee can have hidden spots because the secret compartments are meant to be found by customers on their own. The location of hidden compartments varies, but the Jeep Cherokee is renowned for having them in the most unexpected places. The exciting thing about them is that they may be found inside and outside the car.

So, the following are the places reported where you can find your Jeep Cherokee hidden compartments.


When you scoot your driver seat all the way forward and remove the carpet or mat, you will see a thing that can poop up. Please make sure you hop in the back clips, so you don’t break them, and pull them out gently. You will see a 10 or 12 inches deep hidden compartment.

This is one of the best-hidden compartments of the Jeep Cherokee as it has a lot of space to put anything in it, and there is significantly less chance of it getting damaged in this location.


If you look a little below the left side of the steering wheel, you will see a small space for putting anything. Where this small space ends, you need to put a thin thing that gets into this small line and opens its cover, and there you have your hidden compartment.

You can see your steering wheel operating and many other wires when you open it. So, I advise you not to put anything in there because it can tangle up with steering operations. This hidden compartment lies in the 2005 to 2010 Jeep Cherokee.


You can reach a hidden compartment where you can keep goods if you take out the bin next to the accessory’s power socket. You will need to remove the container because tabs secure it forcefully. Additionally, because the chest base typically rests below the floor, it will only sit neatly if you’re storing something there.

Remember that since the bottom of the bin is on the subfloor, placing something underneath the bin will prevent it from settling correctly in its spot. So, if you’re okay with it, you can continue. You found a helpful hidden compartment on your Jeep Cherokee.


The concealed storage spaces in the Jeep Cherokee can be used for a variety of uses which are:

  • First and foremost, you can keep all kinds of necessary car or business papers to locate them when needed quickly.
  • It can also hold other essential items like cash and electrical equipment.
  • Having a jeep Cherokee with a hidden compartment feature is a good investment.
  • You can enjoy yourself with your friends while discovering these Jeep Cherokee hidden compartments.


Does Jeep Cherokee has hidden compartments concludes? The places of these hidden compartments are not public by the manufacturers, but in some areas, like Below the driver seat, The left side of the steering wheel, and After removing the bin, hidden compartments are founded.

Some observant owners discover these compartments. Some owners tried to find these, but some people found them accidentally. Jeep Cherokee frequently has hidden cases like other Jeep vehicles. FIND YOURS NOW!

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